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This blog features all my favourite homemade recipes, plus other musings on home and lifestyle topics. I am an avid cook who loves kitchen gadgetry, home design, storage and organisation, online shopping, ‘growing your own’ and food sustainability. I’m not an expert at any of these things, but I’m learning, and I hope you will too.

My favourite chefs are Nigella Lawson, Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall and Guillaume Brahimi.

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About Me

I live in Adelaide, South Australia, having been born and raised in Queensland. I love my life here, living at the foothills and working in the CBD at one of the universities. I am an online marketing/systems manager by day, and mostly an exhausted Gen Y housewife by night. My partner and I have just bought our first home, and can finally take control of the space we want to live in. I’m not a great cook, or of MasterChef skill, and I don’t use ingredients like duck or quail, but I cook the kind of food you can make at home when the mood strikes and really enjoy.

I have two beautiful bunnies, Illy and Missy, and so consequently you won’t find a rabbit stew on my table. I’m enthusiastic about cooking and ingredients, but am not the most adventurous eater, so I work more on perfecting the simple food I love, and sharing it with family and friends. I sit somewhere in the middle of gourmet and everyday. I should also add the disclaimer that this is not a photography blog! I don’t have a great camera and I am not a good photographer at the best of times, so unfortunately you’ll have to taste the food to realise how good it is, rather than just looking at a pretty photo!

Our rabbits Illy and Missy

We have also welcomed a beautiful Samoyed named Indy to our family.

I hope you enjoy my musings and take the time to comment on my posts, I would love to hear from you.



  1. Kylie P

    Hi. Your food choices look fantastic, and now I’m regretting that on this Sunday i have already decide the things I’ll cook today to get myself prepared for the week. The recipes are also very clear. Thanks for taking the time to share.

  2. Cat

    Thanks Kylie!! :) I too have planned my menu for the week and have some great healthy, budget recipes coming up. Check back when you do next weeks meal planning!

  3. hi,

    I made your super yummy butter chicken tonight.. I just wanted to say how awesome it is!!! loved it!!

    Can I follow your blog via facebook??

    Hope you have had a great weekend :)

    Thanks again for the awesome recipe,
    Nikki xx

  4. Cat

    Hi Nicole, I am not sure how following blogs on FB works, I will look into it this weekend! I definitely have a lot of work to do on my blog. Thanks for visiting and I am glad you liked the butter chicken :)

  5. Nibal

    Hi Cat,
    Your butter chicken recipe is AMAZING! Thank you so much for sharing it with the globe.
    i tried to make it mid last year (in surprised my husband and i are still alive!).
    Will give your other recipes ago soon.

    Once again, thanks lots
    Would love to see more recipes.

  6. Cat

    Thanks Nibal! I admit I took a bit of a hiatus on this blog for a couple of reasons. 1) People pretty much only comment on the butter chicken (in fact that is 99.9% of comments) so it’s almost like nothing else matters!! and 2) I say in my About page that I am not a photographer, and I although I love food and blogging, it is hard to ‘compete’ with other food bloggers who just produce BEAUTIFUL websites. I appreciate all the visitors I get here for my butter chicken but would love some support in other areas to keep me motivated to blog more recipes.

    I have a really nice potato, sprout and spinach crumble recipe to post though so maybe that might lure me back :) Thank you for reading and cooking. xo

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