Easy Homemade Mini Hash Browns Recipe

July 1, 2012 by

Homemade hash browns

I have a weakness for hash browns (well, any potato really), but have been staying away from all processed and junk food for several weeks now. Tim was craving a hash brown to go with his eggs and bacon, so he thought he’d experiment with some rosti style hash browns.

Strangely I think we’ve perfected how to make these without any trial and error (unless you count all the times I’ve made fritters that just haven’t been quite right).

Essential ingredients for perfect homemade hash browns:

  • Waxy potatoes¬†like a kipfler, dutch cream or kestrel – potatoes with high moisture contents like sebagos add annoying extra steps like squeezing the water out.
  • ¬†A mould of some kind – we used our measuring cups, but just find anything that’s about the size you want to make them.
  • Seasoning
  • Hot oil, for either deep or shallow frying

Peel your potatoes and grate them into a heatproof bowl. Cover the bowl with plastic wrap and place in the microwave. You do not need to add any extra water.

Microwave on high in 30 second bursts until you can start to smell the potatoes. We had about 6 kipfler potatoes and it took 3 minutes to cook. The potatoes should be just tender and starting to get sticky.

Season the potatoes and mix around with a fork. Get your mould and rub a finger coated in olive oil around it to grease it. You need to do this each time. Gently press the potato mix into your mould to your desired size. Quickly turn it upside down and tap it out.

Homemade hash browns

Homemade hash browns

Deep or shallow fry until golden. If you are looking for a really cute brunch dish, serve them topped with a spoonful of scrambled eggs and a little piece of bacon. This makes a great gluten free brunch morsel, but you could sit them atop a little round of toasted bread too.

Homemade hash browns

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