Gift Ideas for Women Who Love Reading, Cooking and the Simple Life

May 21, 2012 by

It’s fairly safe to say that if you’re a gardener, you love beautiful things. Most gardeners also love books, and it is my firm belief that there is no better gift than a well chosen book. Below are some titles that are in my wishlist, that would make wonderful birthday or Christmas presents for female gardeners, those interested in sustainability and the beauty of a simple life, as well as those who just like books and reading in general.

Velvet Pears: Gardening by the Seasons at Foxglove SpiresVelvet Pears by Susan Southam

Even without the glowing reviews I would buy this book just because of the name and the beautiful front cover. I can think of 5 people as it is who would enjoy a copy of this book. Described as ‘lavishly illustrated’, the book ‘captures the essence of living simply and with the seasons, within a local community, with a sustainable lifestyle.’ Now what could be better than that?

In the Garden with Jane AustenIn the Garden with Jane Austen by Kim Wilson

A long time member of the Jane Austen Society of North America, In the Garden with Jane Austen is Kim’s second book about the famous writer and the period in which she lived. The book details English gardens that Austen either owned or would have frequented, and cross references it with quotes from her novels. Kim’s other book, Tea with Jane Austen would also make a lovely gift, and the pair together would be extra special. Perfect for gardeners or Austen lovers alike, this sounds like a delightful book.

Down to Earth: A Guide to Simple LivingDown to Earth: a guide to simple living by Rhonda Hetzel

I already have a few books on this topic, including the Joy of Less and Enough, which I both found completely changed my way of thinking. Brought on by my disillusionment with working in a job I don’t find fulfilling, to buy stuff I don’t need, to use in time I don’t have; I began to desire a simpler life – no more shiny baubles and fancy clothes, I just wanted to be able to spend time LIVING. This book is about Rhonda’s own gradual change, and gives tips for how you can slow down and live a simpler, but better, life.

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