Home Office Makeover with IKEA Algot

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I’ve hated my study for awhile now, we had a big wooden desk in there which was very beautiful, but always cluttered with junk. Like most desks, there was a space in the middle for the chair, flanked on either side by drawers/cupboards, and in front of that is where you place your keyboard and monitor. That meant every time I wanted to use the worktop for something else, I had to move the keyboard and could still only sit in the one spot, using one third of the desk. I had also made my husband make these floating wooden shelves which turned out HORRIBLY (no offense to his work, it was a major Pinterest fail) which had left wood stain all over the walls because the painting tape let the stain leak through. We agreed they would come down and we’d repaint the room. Thank goodness for that (I felt so bad, he spent weeks on these shelves)!

We have previously fitted out our walk-in-robe with both PAX and Algot systems and we love it, so I wanted to use the Algot system again in the study. Now unlike many other DIY-ers on the internet, I’m actually pretty crap at it. I’m really good at buying stuff, but not very good at getting measurements right, doing any of the actual work, or styling it after. Given that, I’m pretty pleased with how it’s turned out.

Home office makeover using IKEA Algot system

Home office makeover using IKEA Algot system

Brackets supporting LINNMON tabletop

Home office makeover using IKEA Algot system

Home office makeover using IKEA Algot system

This project required:

  • 1 x 200×60 LINNMON white tabletop
  • 1 x 150×60 LINNMON white tabletop
  • 4 x ADILS black legs
  • 6 x EKBY LERBERG white brackets
  • 8 x ALGOT 84cm wall uprights
  • 11 x ALGOT 60x38cm white shelves
  • 28 x ALGOT 38cm brackets
  • 9 x ALGOT 38cm rails for baskets
  • 9 ALGOT boxes + lids (they’re sold separately, so you don’t have to use lids)
  • 2 x ALGOT shelves with brackets
  • 4 x FEJKA artificial plants

I then also purchased various other bits for storage – SOCKERBIT boxes, KVISSLE magazine files and wall newspaper rack, JANSJO work lamp, and a RASKOG trolley (well, this is what I should have bought, but I got the same style from ALDI instead and intended to paint it black, then IKEA started selling black ones about two months later!!). The other bits and pieces came from Kmart, Officeworks (chair and filing cabinet), and some things I was given as gifts (like the two bunny planters).

What I love about the ALGOT range is that a) it’s easy to put up (and therefore take down if you don’t want it anymore); and b) incredibly flexible in terms of the accessories you choose (shelving, baskets, boxes, etc). I can change the design and functionality at any time, and because all the boxes and baskets also work as standalone items, I can use them in other parts of the house if I choose to remove them from my wall system.

Our home office makeover isn’t finished yet, we have the other corner of the room to go, and it’s currently a mess. We’ll be replacing our bookcase, getting a reading chair and a nice rug, and replacing the built in wardrobe.

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