Leftovers Makeover: Osso Buco and Swedish Meatballs to Pasta and Meatballs Recipe

November 15, 2012 by

This is less of a recipe and more of the simplest quick cheat’s dinner you can make. A few nights ago we had Osso Buco, and the other night the Swedish Meatballs. We usually have a container of osso buco sauce leftover and in the past we’ve made it into a bolognese, adding more onion, garlic and herbs, plus of course mince. I was always annoyed that it never seemed to taste that great, and despite the extra ingredients, we just struggled to get flavour into the bolognese. Strangely, I now realise that where I was going wrong was adding the extra ingredients in the first place!

After I made extra meatballs the other night I just dropped them straight into the container of osso buco sauce in the fridge (obviously that was before I put the rest into the Swedish gravy). 2 days later the sauce was just INCREDIBLE without any other additions. We just reheated it on the stove, tossed through some pasta (I used gluten free penne; Tim some fresh casarecce we got free from the Good Food and Wine show) with a bit of the starchy water (the starchy water from gluten free pasta is so much better because it IS actually full of starch from the potato flour used), tore in some fresh basil leaves and sprinkled over some parmesan. Served with salad, it was the most amazing and simple dish.

Between the osso buco and Swedish meatballs, we were able to get:

  • 2 serves osso buco for dinner
  • 2 serves Swedish meatballs for dinner
  • 4 serves Swedish meatballs for lunch
  • 2 serves pasta and meatballs for dinner
  • 2 serves pasta and meatballs for lunch

So for 2 pretty easy to prepare dishes, we got 12 meals, and I only had to cook twice (I don’t count boiling pasta water as cooking!!). Sometimes when you only have a household of 2 people and you use recipes that serve 4 or 6 and can’t easily be divided, you either end up wasting the leftovers or eating the same thing for a week. I love recipes where the leftovers are versatile and can be made into other dishes so it doesn’t seem like you’re eating the same meal over and over again. See the Swedish Meatballs recipe for ideas on how to use the leftover portions.


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