Meatless May Week 3 Meal Plan

May 27, 2013 by

Another week over already….! Have you been having Meatless Monday’s this May? Even a small change like meat free Monday night dinners or meat free lunches can make a difference to your health, the environment and animal welfare. Although vegetarianism is becoming increasingly popular, flexitarianism (basing meals around vegetables rather than meat, and sometimes going meat free) is hot on its heels and is a very sustainable way to live. We eat too much meat out of habit, as the result of aggressive marketing, and because of takeaway/restaurant serving sizes, and changing our habits is FAR easier than you might imagine. I am not a fan of using labels on dietary choices, so I don’t call myself a flexitarian, and you don’t even have to commit to Monday being the night you go meat free – in fact, don’t even CALL it meat free, just think about what you can eat that doesn’t NEED meat to be good (pasta, stir fry, soup, quiches and pies).

Going without meat does make you appreciate how good it actually is, rather than just scarfing down meat because that’s what you eat every night. Too much of anything leads you to take it for granted, and it loses that special quality that it once may have had.

This week I again spent Wednesday to Thursday by myself because Tim was at work, which although I hate him not being home for dinner, it does give me the chance to cook the things I love that he doesn’t particularly like! Sometimes meat free meals can sound a bit boring, but actually it’s their simplicity and the flavours from all the vegetables that make them fantastic. I feel bad that I haven’t posted any real recipes from this year’s Meatless May, but the meals are so simple they don’t even warrant writing a recipe for them. And actually, that’s a good thing, because you shouldn’t need to go hunting down a whole heap of recipes you’ve never cooked before and aren’t sure will work – just stick to what you know and remove the meat.

Wednesday Cheesy Vegetable Bake I made this last year and actually I make it all the time. I love a mix of cauliflower, broccoli and either Brussells sprouts or spinach, mixed with a garlicky bechamel and topped with tasty cheese. When I can get leeks I make leek bechamel and that is even more delicious. I use skim milk and low fat cheese to keep the calories down, because I love having it for breakfast :p

Thursday Satay Stir Fried Noodles. Asian food really doesn’t need meat, and you can pack ten different vegetables into one dish and have a nice heaping plate full of noodles and sauce. I used medium sized rice noodles, a load of vegetables and tossed it all together with a gourmet satay sauce mix. Deeeeeelicious!

Friday Tropical Baked Potatoes. Simple baked potatoes stuffed with coleslaw, cubes of beetroot and pineapple pieces topped with sour cream and spring onions. Great for a Friday night as it’s easy and feels a lot like takeaway.

Saturday Roasted Garlic Chickpea Burger (on Alby’s Gluten Free hamburger buns) with Sweet Potato Fries

Sunday We went out for dinner and I had a delicious vegetable stack with haloumi and a side order of chips (it was a pub, had to feel pub-like!)

Monday Ligurian Pasta, a beautiful Italian pasta with pesto, green beans and potatoes.

Tuesday Bombay Potatoes with Spinach and Cauliflower

For the last week of Meatless May I really want to try making a French onion soup. I absolutely love onions, but I have never had proper homemade French onion soup. I remember an excellent recipe from Delicious magazine a couple of years ago that used chicken stock instead of beef, which  I think would lighten it up a bit and make it nicer.

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