US Department Store Nordstrom Now Shipping to Australia

December 7, 2012 by

Well the good news just keeps on coming people! American retailers obviously know how hungry Australian shoppers are for good quality, good value clothing. One of my other favourite stores, Nordstrom (best place for party dresses!) is also now shipping to Australia. Until December 10, you can get flat rate shipping for only $19.95 on orders of $100AUD or more. Nordstrom have amazing clothes, and my best ever purchase from them was a Ralph Lauren black spaghetti strap full skirt wrap dress (the kind that twirls out virtually horizontally when you spin around!) for $35. There is no chance you would get something like that in Australia for that price, so lap it up boys and girls and START ORDERING!!

Now, if Banana Republic and GAP can just stop using Fifty-One as their shipping provider (waaaaay overpriced!) then we Aussies will have unlimited access to the world’s best (yeah, I called it) clothing, shoes, bags and accessories.

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